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Lowest interest rates for gold loans in all of Melbourne

You may need some fash cash for your sudden expenditure. During such times, make use of the valuable gold items in your house and pawn them for equivalent cash. At Pawnbrokers Melbourne, we provide one of the lowest interest rates for gold loans Melbourne. All you have to do is to give the gold as security and get immediate cash in your hand as you leave. We let you know our interest rates for gold loans beforehand so that you clearly understand what is in store for you.

Gold Purity Level We Loan You
24ct (99% Pure) Gold Items: $60.28 Per Gram
22ct (91% Pure) Gold Items: $55.27 Per Gram
21.6ct (90% Pure) Gold Items: $54.30 Per Gram
21ct (87% Pure) Gold Items: $52.80 Per Gram
20ct (83% Pure) Gold Items: $50.26 Per Gram
18ct (75% Pure) Gold Items: $45.25 Per Gram
14ct (58% Pure) Gold Items: $35.18 Per Gram
9ct (37% Pure) Gold Items: $22.63 Per Gram

Interest Rates for Gold Loans

Loan Amount 7 Day Loan 14 Day Loan 30 Day Loan 90 Day Loan
$200 + 4% 6% 10% 10%
$1000 + 3% 5% 8% 8%
$4000 + 2.5% 4% 7% 7%
$10,000 + 2% 3% 4% 4%
$20,000 + 1% 2% 3% 3%
$30,000 + 1% 1.5% 2.5% 2.5%
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Pawn any gold and get quick cash in hand

Do you require money immediately to fill in for some gap in cash flow? Have some sudden need for cash cropped up? Are you looking to put the valuable gold you have to good use? Well, the time has come for the investment you made in gold to fetch you money.

You can get gold loans for any type of gold item with an equivalent amount of cash as estimated by one of our gold experts. Pawn gold jewellery, gold coins, gold bars and any other gold items you have to us, get it estimated and walk away from our store with real cash in hand!

Why choose our Melbourne pawn shop for gold loans?

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No queue for gold loans

We don't make you wait to provide gold loans. There is no concept of appointments or wait-in period to grant a gold loan. Walk into our store anytime and exchange your gold for cash.

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Loans for anyone

Did you have problems in getting loans from banks due to your credit score or previous history? Well, it doesn't matter to us as long as you have the gold to provide as security.

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Competitive gold loan rates

We offer one of the best interest rates for gold loans in Melbourne and that's why we have many regular customers who come in, just for the value of money we provide.

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Secure gold storage vaults

We have state-of-the-art vaults equipped with high-security features to ensure the safety of your gold items. So you can pawn your gold without any worries about its safety.

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Options to extend loan durations

Not able to pay within the agreed time? You can pay the interest and get an extension in the repayment of the gold loan for up to a month.

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No hidden fees

What you see on our website about the gold interest rates is what you get. We are pretty upfront about the whole process and don't have any hidden fees or hidden loan terms.

Are you looking to get some quick cash now? Come into our store in Melbourne now.

Instant money for any type of gold

We offer gold loans for any gold items, be it large, small or in a combination. We have gold experts who will evaluate the gold item you provide and give you its appropriate value immediately.

At our pawnshop Melbourne, we accept all types of gold like gold jewellery, gold coins, gold bulletins, gold bowls and other stuff made of gold. If you have any doubts about the gold items you have or its worth, don't worry. We will take care of the assessment from our side. If you have any more doubts about our process, you can call us and get it clarified immediately.

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Scrap / Damaged Gold

Loan repayment charges based on duration

As we mentioned earlier, we want you to know what kind of loan repayment amount you will be in for before you get a gold loan from us. So here are the loan repayment charges for gold loans at Pawnbrokers Melbourne.

Total Interest Payable Upon Collection

Loan Amount Repaid In 7 Days Repaid In 14 Days Repaid Within 30 Days Repaid Within 90 Days
$500 $20 $30 $50 $150
$1000 $30 $50 $80 $240
$4000 $100 $160 $280 $840
$10,000 $200 $300 $400 $1200
$20,000 $200 $400 $600 $1800
$30,000 $300 $450 $750 $2250

The requisites to get a gold loan from Pawnbrokers Melbourne

There are two ways in which you can get gold loans from our pawn shop based on the type of ID you have.

Choice 1: Valid photo identity card

If you have a valid identity card with a photograph, then you just use the same to get a gold loan from us instantly. However, we only accept a few photo IDs like:

  • State-Issued driving license
  • State-Issued learner's permit
  • Local or foreign passport
  • Firearms license
  • Educational photo ID
  • KeyPass ID from Australian post

Choice 2: Two valid text identity cards

In case if you don't have a proper photo identity card, then you can use two text-based identity cards instead. If you have any two of the below IDs, then you can get gold loans from us:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medicare
  • Bank statement or utility bill from an Australian Institution
  • Commonwealth healthcare card
  • Commonwealth veteran affairs card
  • Commonwealth pensioner
  • Concession card